Bluebox Solutions run on Microsoft Sharepoint. What do I do if I don’t have MS Sharepoint?

Sharepoint is a business collaboration platform licensed by Microsoft. Bluebox Solutions is a registered reseller of MS Sharepoint licenses and can assist you in identifying the right version of Microsoft Sharepoint for your business. Depending on your existing licensing you may already have some or all of the necessary Microsoft licenses.

  • Sharepoint Server
  • Sharepoint User CALs (Client Access License)
  • Windows Server and CALs
  • SQL Server and CALs

Talk to a Bluebox consultant today to see what MS Sharepoint licensing you need.

Do Bluebox Solutions’ have a licensing fee attached to them?
 No. Bluebox Solutions are available for our clients to use within their businesses free of any ongoing license fees after purchase. Depending on your business needs you may need to pay for Microsoft Sharepoint licenses and a Bluebox consultant can assist you in finding the right plan.
How long does a typical solution take to deliver?
 Because Bluebox utilises modular frameworks for many of its Sharepoint solutions, a typical client can start using their solution within 4 – 6 weeks of engagement. This timeframe varies according to the size and complexity of the project. Change management is an important part of our engagement process and all Bluebox clients receive comprehensive training and post deployment support as part of our standard deployment process.
How much does a Bluebox Solution typically cost?
 Bluebox solutions fully deployed can start from as little as $20,000 plus any relevant Microsoft licensing cost. Cost can vary considerably given the size and complexity of the solution(s), the scale of the deployment and the number of end users requiring training. During the pre-sales process a Bluebox Consultant can provide you with an estimate of the project cost and very often offer a fixed price depending on the solution you wish to deploy.
Can Bluebox deliver my solution in the cloud?
 Yes. On-premise or in the cloud is up to you. Bluebox can assist you to identify the best cloud based provider for your business or if you already have a cloud host provider, we can deliver your solution on the environment you specify.
Can a Bluebox Solution integrate with my other systems?
 Typically yes. Bluebox has integrated its Sharepoint solutions with many other systems and databases allowing a unified view and reporting of information. Talk to a Bluebox consultant today about your existing systems and what you might need to have integrated.
Can my external contractors have access to my document management solution?
 Yes. Bluebox Solutions has extensive experience in providing tailored Sharepoint web portals to external contractors. These portals are secure and contain an audit log of accessibility. In addition, our security modelling can ensure that these contractors see only the information that is designated for them.
What support options does Bluebox Solutions offer its clients?

All Bluebox Solution clients receive 8 hours of free support for the provision of technical services to assist with the support and maintenance of their solution. All support requests have a guaranteed response time of 2 hours within standard business hours Monday to Friday.


Bluebox support services can be used for resolving technical issues, performing minor configuration changes, and providing training and content migration services. Advanced notice is required for any significant planned support requirements to ensure relevant resources can be scheduled.


In addition, Bluebox offers a range of ongoing support options including both pre-paid and monthly support agreements. Talk to a Bluebox consultant to learn more.

What internet browsers are compatible with a Bluebox Solution?
 SharePoint supports all commonly used web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome. However, certain browsers might limit some MS Sharepoint functionality without additional customisation. If you have special browser needs or requirements please discuss these with your Bluebox consultant.
I’m running Office 365. Can a Bluebox Solution integrate with that?
 Yes. Many Bluebox clients are using our Sharepoint solutions with Office 365.

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