Document Management (EDRMS)

Find the Right Information, First Time, Every Time

sharepoint electronic document management system> Do you have difficulty finding the documentation you need when you need it?

> Do you have appropriate security over your documents and intellectual property?

> Do you have redundant copies and multiple versions?

> Do you need expert advice on your content taxonomy?



Bluebox Solutions delivers cost-effective electronic document management solutions (EDRMS) utilising the powerful Microsoft Sharepoint platform to suit your business needs.

Key Features of Bluebox Electronic Document Management Solutions:

  • Fast and powerful search engine
  • Version control (retain and revisit old versions)
  • Easy to manage security and access permissions
  • Metadata classification
  • Remote access to your controlled documents
  • Compliance and document retention policies
  • Automated workflows for approval and review of critical documents
  • Audit history

Benefits of a Sharepoint Electronic Document Management System:

  • One flexible platform for multiple integrated solutions
  • Scalability – add more functionality and tools as required
  • Familiar Microsoft Office user interface
  • Improved user experience
  • Powerful integration features
  • Well supported Microsoft Sharepoint product

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