Today, as organizations are increasingly faced with supporting consumerisation and BYOD businesses need to secure their corporate data, improve productivity, and increase compliance. Users want collaboration tools that work the way they do, and deliver a consistent experience across every device.


With the only complete solution for mobile Sharepoint collaboration and controlled document management, available for Windows, Mac, and iOS, the Colligo Engage Platform makes it easy for organizations to increase the value of their content, and maximize the ROI on their Sharepoint solution investment.


Over 5,000 organizations in 55 countries now rely on Colligo to easily manage their content from anywhere, on any device. Colligo’s Global and Fortune 500 customers include Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Novartis, Kraft Foods, General Motors, Siemens, and many more global industry leaders.


Bluebox has deployed the Colligo platform for workers in the field to allow them to continue to access critical documentation even when out of network coverage areas in remote sites. For more information about Colligo Sharepoint controlled document management, please visit their website.

Controlled Document Management