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Cloud Hosted Sharepoint Solutions

Sharepoint development PerthBluebox Solutions offers a cloud hosted SharePoint server that enables your organisation to enjoy all the benefits of a tailored Sharepoint solution without the need to buy and manage any hardware. Bluebox Solutions can provide you with a cloud hosted Sharepoint solution tailored to suit your business needs.

What is a “Cloud Server”?

A cloud server is a private and secure server provided to you via the Internet by a hosting services provider. Cloud servers remove the upfront costs of purchasing a traditional server and can be maintained at a fraction of the cost without the need for specialist IT resources and equipment. As well as providing everything a physical server in your office can, a cloud server provides significantly better levels of system redundancy, disaster recovery capability and performance due to the massive power and capacity of the hardware systems and expert IT resources used by cloud server hosting companies.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Cloud Server?

  • No hardware to buy and maintain
  • No software to install and manage
  • Minimal upfront costs
  • Minimal ongoing costs
  • Low ongoing costs
  • No locked in contracts
  • No need to resource IT staff
  • No worries about downtime, backups, or recovery
  • Access your server anytime from anywhere

What About Security?

Access to the system is controlled by individual user accounts with private passwords. The server and your solution is protected by a firewall and all activity between you and your cloud server is encrypted with 128-bit SSL/TSL encryption so that if a transmission is intercepted by someone without authorisation, they won’t be able to read it.

How Much Does a Cloud Server Cost?

The exact cost depends on the storage capacity and memory size of the server you require, but they typically start from just a few hundred dollars a month. The start-up costs are minimal and there are no fixed contracts or exit fees. Cloud servers are paid for on a “pay as you go” monthly subscription basis. Typically considered as an operating expense, this allows you to avoid the paperwork, delays, and “red tape” of capital expenditure requests.

How Reliable is a Cloud Server?

The advanced technologies, high performance and high availability infrastructure used by Bluebox to deliver your cloud server is far superior to that used by most private businesses. With proven uptime, the likelihood of a cloud server going down is almost zero. Using a cloud server is far safer and more reliable than using your own locally installed physical hardware.

Built-in Disaster Recovery

As the cloud server is available via the Internet, even if your office or business premises is damaged or destroyed, your data and systems will be safe and you will still be able to access them from home or an alternative office location.

Automatic Server Backups

Cloud servers are automatically backed up for disaster recovery purposes. If for any reason the server was to fail, it could be easily restored very quickly from a previous backup with all of your data safely preserved.

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