The Value of Our Sharepoint Solutions

Bluebox Solutions offers a range of Sharepoint solutions and products that can generate significant ROI to your organisation.

By digitising your business interactions and eliminating the need for paper based forms and processes, a Bluebox Sharepoint Solution can significantly improve your business margins as well as mitigate your business risks and improve disaster recovery.


How can a Bluebox Sharepoint Solution Save Costs?

Our controlled Document Management solutions & Workflow and Form solutions can make radical improvements to the efficiency, accuracy and reporting capabilities of the information and processes inside your organisation.


By eliminating paper based processes and replacing them with a digitised Bluebox Solution your business can reap enormous efficiency dividends including:


  • Improvements in the speed and accuracy of information that is shared throughout the organisation
  • Elimination of the need to store and retrieve paper based information which improves:
– Customer service
– Complaint resolution times
– Error processing costs and timeframes
– Information search and retrieval times
– Costs of maintaining a paper based archiving system


sharepoint electronic document management system

How can a Bluebox Sharepoint Solution Improve Productivity?

Our Sharepoint solutions are designed and implemented in a way that is compatible with your business growth objectives and productivity goals.


A digitised workflow and electronic document management system offers several advantages over traditional paper based processes in your organisation. These include:



If your business is growing, a Bluebox Solution can grow with you and maximise your business scalability. It can do this in several ways including the ability to distribute workloads even beyond your office with its secure web based interface. A Bluebox Sharepoint Solution can grow from a handful of users to thousands of users without the need to change the core application (Microsoft Sharepoint).


Speed of Information Retrieval and Activity

Our Sharepoint solutions capture actions and outcomes in real time enabling managers to see what is happening instantly. This improves the speed of service and decision making as well as ensuring that there is no duplication of activity.


Improvements in Management Reporting

When Bluebox Solutions workflow processing is coupled with reporting solutions, information on business workloads, tasks status, team utilisation and process efficiency can be automated and easily accessible. This can provide team leaders and management with critical information on the bottlenecks and inefficiencies in your organisation.


Replacement of Paper Based Forms with Electronic Forms

Electronic forms offer huge advantages over traditional paper based forms and approval processes. Speed, accuracy and auditability all improve and Bluebox is able to integrate workflow processes with existing Active Directory business hierarchies for optimum document control.


How can a Bluebox Solution Reduce Business Risks?

Our Sharepoint solutions offer significant advantages over traditional business processes in reducing your business risks. An enterprise wide document management and workflow and form solutions can radically reduce your exposure to the loss or corruption of your business information as well as maximising business continuity capability.


  • Minimises the risks of losing critical information
  • Secure and customisable access to your business information
  • Maximisation of data back-up and recovery
  • Flexible business continuity options via remote accessibility capability
  • Dedicated client portals with secure access to client information
  • Cloud hosted controlled document management solutions that mitigate the risk of office based servers

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