Microsoft Dynamics 365

Agility without limits

Do you have a process that you need to streamline? Find out why Microsoft Dynamics 365 has been at the forefront of Microsoft’s Office 365 investment in recent years and see how this powerful engine can simplify your business.

Adapt and innovate with the only portfolio of business applications that empowers your organisation to deliver operational excellence and delight every customer.

With Dynamics 365, you’ll have the only portfolio of intelligent business applications that empowers everyone to deliver operational excellence and create more engaging customer experiences.

Sales – Close more deals


Find and build stronger relationships. Improve productivity and performance. Get a single view of customers.


Marketing – Increase customer demand


Find and nurture the right leads. Create connected customer experiences. Stay on top of market trends.


Service – Exceed customer expectations


Deliver positive customer experiences faster. Optimize resources and help technicians be more efficient. Reduce operational costs.


Operations – Automate your operations


Move from reactive to predictive operations. Automate and simplify your manufacturing and supply chain management. Maximise the life of your assets.



At Bluebox Solutions we specialise in simplifying and successfully implementing Microsoft’s modular solutions. These modules provide tried and tested business processes that can help streamline your existing operations.

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