Our partnership with Intlock enables Bluebox Solutions to provide local consulting and support services for the award winning Cardiolog Analytics toolset. We work closely with Intlock to improve the product and fully support our client’s reporting requests. It’s especially instrumental when devising a reporting solution for a client.


Cardiolog Analytics has become widely recognised as the best enterprise level Sharepoint analytics product available on the market. The tool provides a Centralised reporting dashboard designed for reporting actionable metrics to help organisations increase productivity and the usability of their Sharepoint solutions.


Cardiolog’s point of difference is that the software is specifically designed for Sharepoint. The software can recognise and differentiate between all Sharepoint solutions and elements such as documents, lists, items, pages and forms. This allows simplified and accurate reports down to the item level, compared other products such as Google Analytics that require heavy customisation and will only report on URLs. For more information about Intlock tools, please visit their website.