Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 Implementation

Microsoft Sharepoint PerthBluebox Solutions provides comprehensive Office 365 implementation support, meaning your business can benefit from all the advantages of Office while on the move. Office 365 provides access to applications and files using PCs, Macs, tablets and mobile phones from virtually anywhere. This gives you the flexibility you need to successfully run a modern business in today’s technology-driven client environment. An Office 365 implementation is simple, quick and easily integrated into your existing platforms, making it an excellent choice for organisations wanting to minimise downtime.

Key Features of Office 365

  • Business-class email and shared calendars
  • Online conferencing
  • Secure file sharing
  • Familiar Office applications
  • Multiple browser compatibility
  • Security, compliance and privacy

Why Choose Office 365?

Choosing a cloud-based solution comes with a number of benefits, and Office 365 is no different. Businesses can expect:

  • No hardware purchases or associated maintenance
  • Minimal upfront costs
  • Low ongoing costs
  • Limited need for extensive IT resources
  • Increased mobility
  • No downtime, backup or recovery concerns

The Benefits of Office 365

In addition to the benefits associated with the cloud, Office 365 can also improve company performance in a number of ways.

Collaboration: Faster and easier file sharing enables employees to work together more effectively, while instant messaging, shared calendars and online conferencing optimise communication. Work together in real-time without sacrificing security and help to build a bigger, better company culture. Automatic updates: Office 365 is continually adding new functionality, which could create problems for on-premise solutions. However, automatic updates ensure your version is always the latest and reduces downtime dramatically. This level of synchronisation means you don’t have to spend time or resources maintaining your software.
Built-in security: Office 365 has comprehensive security settings that deflect spam, malware, phishing attacks and other malicious activity. Flexible settings gives you ultimate control over the integrity of your data, as well as peace of mind that risks to your company are mitigated.
Return on investment: Office 365 pricing structures mean few upfront costs and no need to worry about hardware or software expenses. Instead, you can invest this money into growth-oriented areas of the business, while still benefiting from enterprise-grade IT systems.
Familiarity: Guaranteeing user engagement with new technology can be tricky, but with Office 365 there is no need to learn different apps or functions.
Employees can use the same apps they are already familiar with in a Microsoft environment, which eliminates extensive training requirements.

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