Controlled Document Management Solutions (CDMS)

sharepoint controlled documentDo you have compliance needs that relate to your critical business documentation? Bluebox Solutions has created a specifically designed Controlled Document Management System that includes many of standard compliance functions out of the box; including scheduled document reviews, approval workflows and formalised publishing requirements.


The flexible structure and design of our controlled document management solutions means they can be fitted to suit your specific business circumstances, while retaining the scalability required to cope with your organisation’s growth.


Key Benefits of Bluebox Controlled Document Management Solutions

  • Standard and consistent metadata classification
  • Electronic approval and publishing workflows
  • Automated periodic review processes and task management
  • Fast and powerful search
  • Document templates
  • Controlled document libraries
  • Version control and document checkout capabilities
  • Automatic document naming convention
  • Security and access permission control
  • Audit history

All of these features are available through easy-to-use navigation in a familiar Microsoft user interface. In addition, Bluebox provides sophisticated training and content migration support to ensure data integrity and end user compatibility with all our Sharepoint solutions.


Enjoy Enhanced Document Workflow Functions with a Bluebox Controlled Document Management System

Bluebox understands the importance of sophisticated document workflow processes in a controlled document management solution, which is why our platforms have three dedicated libraries for controlled document management.

  • Draft library
  • Published library
  • Archive library

These streamline the drafting, approval, publishing and archiving of content, while ensuring users can only access the latest approved and published versions.


Key Features of Sharepoint Controlled Document Management Solutions

Aside from controlled document libraries, there are a number of other important features of a Bluebox controlled document management solution that can improve your document control processes.

  • Custom views and filters for enhanced navigation
  • Automated alerts when documents are changed or new content is added
  • Email attachments allow documents to be tagged and loaded directly from a SharePoint library
  • Microsoft Office integration provides CDMS interaction with Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Exchange integration for email alerts and notifications with Outlook clients

Talk to a Bluebox consultant today to learn why a Bluebox controlled document management solution is one of our most popular Sharepoint solutions.

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