Using Mobile Technology to Grow Your Business

January 31, 2020
Document Control Perth


Back in the olden days – you know, before the Internet, selfies and celebrity dance shows – business owners had to spend as much time managing operations as they did growing the business.

You had to hire professionals to build and manage the systems, hardware and software to run your company. You had to perform a cost-benefit analysis first to see if it was worth investing in new equipment to expand the business. Hiring staff depended on finding the right person in the right location — or having the money to hire and move them. Communicating with different offices, partners, and customers often meant time-consuming travel. New ideas had to be carefully vetted and sometimes a great idea would die because it was too expensive to test.


New business opportunities

The world is a very different place today. You can take advantage of the Internet and mobile devices to launch your company on a budget without worrying about hardware and the cost of setting up systems. That’s what working in the cloud means. As long as there’s an Internet connection, you can hire the best talent whether they live in the same city or across the globe — and you can expand your business just as easily.

Mobile technology can help your staff, customers and business partners access the information from virtually anywhere at any time and enable you to take advantage of business opportunities regardless of location. When choosing a platform, try to use a system that fits together and integrates. Piece meal solutions are great and cheap (FREE), but as you want to start expanding and sharing across platforms they can get pretty expensive. Also look at Enterprise grade services, as the free ones usually mean that YOU are the product.

Bluebox Solutions assists companies to get onto Office 365 and here is why: You can use Office 365 for email, document management, and sharing calendars. You can build a public website for your business and stay connected from virtually anywhere with instant messaging, audio calling and HD video conferencing. These services and others can help you connect with suppliers, customers, and partners whether you’re in Perth, Sydney or Moscow, or Ottawa.

Increasingly, employees, customers and partners use mobile devices — smart phones, tablets, and laptops— interchangeably for work and home. Mobile technology can help you streamline development and deliver content to users worldwide across devices – scaling to meet demand, managing and distributing content in different formats. These services do the work for you, so you can focus on delivering the best experience to your customers. Mobile technology gives you the ability to operate your business globally on a small budget and respond to clients quickly without the investment in costly business systems.


Protecting your business

A company develops standards and rules to protect its assets. In the past, this meant managing operations by standardizing systems and equipment, and tightly controlling access to physical and intellectual property. It’s expensive but the right thing to do when you’re working in a physical environment.

But as a business owner in the digital age, you have the opportunity to think of standardization in a new way. Cloud solutions run on multiple devices and over Internet, so employees can communicate and collaborate regardless of physical location and device. You don’t have to invest in equipment. Look for solutions where employees can use their preferred device (make sure that the solution works on all devices to save you the cost of purchasing the device). Also take advantage of protected views, trusted documents and other security features that should be built into your solution to protect business information.

You can outsource business operations to the cloud that used to be managed in-house, reducing operational costs. In the cloud the provider manages security so you don’t have to. Not all providers are created equal so make sure you ask for automated encrypted backup of your onsite data, in the cloud, protecting your business against data loss and corruption. And you can access that information as you move from office PC to mobile phone to tablet.

In the digital age, you can take advantage of mobile technology to do more with less and launch or expand your business with a limited budget. If you want to talk to Bluebox Solutions we can help you choose a Office 365 plan that fits your budget. As you grow, you can add more features as you need them. So you can get started quickly, work with a limited budget, and take advantage of business opportunities instead of investing in operations.