3 reasons why electronic forms are superior to paper-based alternatives

March 24, 2019
Sharepoint document management systems

Digital forms are far superior to paper alternatives

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, old-fashioned paper forms and physical documentation are quickly becoming outdated tools.

Modern electronic forms offer a number of significant advantages over traditional paper-based forms, and any business that has not yet realised this fact may be giving up a valuable competitive advantage.

Here are three reasons why electronic forms are superior to paper-based alternatives, and why your organisation should consider digitising its document management system.

Improved speed and productivity

Using electronic forms to store documents and data electronically improves the speed of a number of critical business processes. With a digital database of documentation at hand, your employees will find it easy to locate the information they need using advanced search functionality.

Because all forms are stored in a logical and consistent filing structure, your employees will be able to spend less time sorting through difficult-to-comprehend information, and more time working on tasks that add true value to the organisation.

Increased auditability and compliance

Today, many businesses are facing increased pressure to remain accountable and compliant at all times, with decision makers, stakeholders and regulators alike demanding greater transparency from organisations.

This is yet another reason why electronic forms are superior to paper alternatives. By ensuring that as much information as possible is digitised and stored electronically, you can ensure that your organisation has full visibility of all employee activity and can deliver detailed reports on any regulatory issues.

Enhanced flexibility and scalability

As your business grows over time, the amount of information you are required to keep and access on a daily basis will likely grow rapidly as well. For this reason, a document management system based on paper forms is often an inappropriate solution for any organisation working with long-term sustainability in mind.

Conversely, electronic document management systems based around electronic forms are highly scalable, and ideal for accommodating a high volume of users and information. This makes them essentially future-proof, and perfect for meeting the evolving needs of your business.